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Futureplus+ Battery Launching
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Futureplus+ was made by Korea Future Parts for targeting the global automotive aftermarkets.

Korea Future Parts will provide premium quality auto parts with reasonable prices through the Futureplus+ brand.

Futureplus+ battery is premium long-life battery and sealed maintenance free.

The electrolyte mixing technology in Futureplus+ battery ensures constantly high level of capacity (Ah)

and extends about two times longer than service life of conventional battery.

In addition to that, Electrolyte mixing technology enables batteries to maximize the highest performance,

prevent corrison of plate, much more reliable starting.

Powerful starting in hot & cold areas and comfortable driving under operating air conditioner &

seat warmer is available at any time.

Furthermore, Electrolyte mixing technology in Futureplus+ battery enables preventing

loss of capacity and keeping service life of automobile electronics (black box, Navigation, etc.).